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Durgesh Shastri is an educationist, an author, an entrepreneur and a social influencer, hailing from Karnataka.

Having been trained at Eera Fortunes as a Coach, he is also a seasoned and effective conductor of Eera Fortunes’ Seminars and Workshops, having spent considerable time researching and creating material that is-

  • Easily relatable
  • Simple to follow and apply
  • Make results achievable, from the very first day

An articulated and precise speaker, Durgesh Shastri thus brings new cheer through his approach to the world of personal finance. He makes the audience members’ feel involved, intrigued, enthusiastic and participative, a clear USP, making him popular for repeat sessions on word-of-mouth reviews.

Durgesh uses experience- based conversational techniques to create an ambience of openness, receptivity, productivity and discussion for Eera Fortunes’ Seminars and Workshops that have been both widely acclaimed and commended, as well as inspired many to feel more enabled in this aspect of their lives.

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Vikas Aneja is an entrepreneur, with strong expertise in Business and Financial strategy, including making blue-prints for new ventures as well as funding decisions.

Of his many endeavours. Vikas is also trained at Eera Fortunes as a Coach, Speaker and Social Influencer. He is experienced and efficient in holding Eera SMSWs across various locations, facing varied cross sections of audience and has earned the reputation of being highly relatable and solution -centric, when dealing with a seemingly complicated area of finance.

Vikas has delivered results for those he has mentored in both business and family finance. He is the go-to person in Delhi-NCR for a complete relook at how to approach wealth generation and management .

His clarity of thought stemming from his absolute commitment to Yoga and Meditative practices, makes him one of the finest in the industry.

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